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It’s the most WONDERFUL time of year. The weather is starting to turn colder; the days are getting shorter, and Halloween is fast approaching. That blessed night when we all get to become someone else. And as the spooky tradition goes, that should be someone who will give the neighbourhood a fright!

If you’re after for some scary Halloween costume ideas, let’s take a look back at some of the most popular classic horror film villains; any of these old school 70s and 80s costumes would make a great choice for a terrifying night out.


Number 5: Carrie


Stephen King’s Carrie, based on his novel of the same name, hit the theatres in 1976. It was embraced by audiences and critics alike, possibly because everyone could relate to being either the popular kid or the kid who the popular kids made fun of. And who among us hasn’t fantasised about getting revenge on all our peers who made high school such a misery? So if you turn up in this classic Carrie costume, everyone will know that you’re not to be trifled with or you might just end up destroying everything in your path, including the entire school and your whole house.  

Adult Women's Carrie Halloween Costume

Number 4: Jason


Moving forward a bit in time, let’s take a trip to Crystal Lake, that serene and wonderful summer camp setting in the Friday the 13th film franchise. It’s there that one of the greatest slasher villains of all time was created, having drowned in the lake as a child and returning to terrorise all who visit. Though he didn’t put on the iconic hockey mask until Friday the 13th: III, released in 1982, that image and Jason will always be completely intertwined. So if you’ve got it in you to play the man behind the mask, this Jason costume is the one for you. Grab a machete and give ‘em hell!

Fancy Dress Queen Jason Costume


Numbers 3 and 2: Mr. and Mrs. Krueger


And we couldn’t mention Jason without mentioning another great antagonist of the same era: that’s right—it’s Freddy Krueger. Literally the stuff of nightmares (on Elm Street, that is), if Freddy kills you in your dreams then you die in real life too. Many debates were had back in the 80s about who is scarier? Freddy or Jason? Enough of a debate that eventually they had a crossover film together in 2003, cleverly titled Freddy vs. Jason. And if you’re looking for women’s halloween costumes, there’s a Ms. Krueger version too.

Adult Men's Freddy Krueger CostumeAdult Women's Ms Krueger Halloween Costume

Number 1: Chucky


Finally, time for a little child’s play. How much harm could a sweet little children’s doll do? Quite a lot, apparently, as we learn when we are introduced to Chucky. This doll whose body is inhabited by the soul of a serial killer has been slashing up the big screen since 1988 and featured in a film as recently as 2017, creating a whole new generation of fans.

Adult Men's Chucky Halloween Costume

70s and 80s nostalgia are having a heyday right now. So the only question is: which classic horror villain do you want to be?
Some looks will never die. But they will kill, so watch your back!


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