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Want to do something a bit different this Halloween? Take a look at our costumes on the theme of the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, or Dia de Muertos. Think bright colours, big red roses and elaborate face paint.

Adult Women's Day of the Dead Dress

The tradition's roots most likely go back hundreds of years to an Aztec festival which honoured their Queen of the Underworld, Mictēcacihuātl. Today it is celebrated all over the world and involves many beautiful traditions to mark the memory of loved ones who have died. 



People typically construct altars as remembrances (ofrendas), which may include food, decorations, momentos and flowers (especially roses and marigolds). The hope is that the tokens will attract souls to the graves so that prayers can be heard and answered.  

Last year's Disney movie Coco brought these stories and traditions to a whole new audience, and made a big splash both at the box office and with critics. It took home the 2018 Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature. Its sweeping popularity makes a Day of the Dead costume perfect for Halloween 2018! 

We've got a range of different outfits, depending on if you're after a dress or a jumpsuit, and if you want to go colourful or simple black & white. 

Adult Women's Black Sugar Skull CatsuitAdult Women's White Skeleton Jumpsuit

See our full range here to spark some Day of the Dead fancy dress ideas. 

And no Day of the Dead costume would be complete without the calavera, or sugar skull, make-up. This is your chance to get really creative as you put the icing on the cake of this fantastic look.

Purple and Turquoise Sugar Skull makeup from Skullspiration.com
From Skullspiration.com 

And it's not as hard as you might think! There are many online tutorials to give you tips and tricks; we love this one because it's easy to follow and anyone with basic make-up application skills can do it: 



If you've got a bit more time and want something slightly more elaborate (including gemstone stickers!), check this tutorial out: 



OR, if you want the ultimate shortcut, grab one of these Day of the Dead masks and be ready in one simple step: put it on. 


Adult Ladies Day of the Dead Mask Sugar Skull


Or as they might say in Mexico: ¡Ahí está!


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