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Gothic imagery and Halloween just go together. Don't get us wrong; here at Fancy Dress Queen we think a gothic look works all year round, but there's something about this time of year that goes so well with corset laces, dark red hoods, long black dresses with sleeves to match and heavy eye make-up. 

So if you're still looking for Halloween costume ideas, for men or women, why not get inspired to travel back in time 150 years or so.  

Let's start with the classic Gothic novel element: Vampires. Nowadays, they seem to be everywhere. Modern interpretations like Twilight and True Blood give us vampire costumes that are nothing special, but we remain big fans of the 19-century look: stylish and mysterious. We can almost see this menacing character peering out over the sea from top of a cliff in Whitby. 

Adult Men's Gothic Vampire Halloween Costume

Looking for a dress instead? We've got you covered with this all black and white full-length gown, for an elegant and striking look. The collar can be turned up for a full-on Mistress of the Night persona or it can be turned down for something a bit more versatile. 

This number works not only for Halloween fancy dress but could be worn for all kinds of special occasions—dinner parties, World Book Day, a themed wedding or even an un-themed wedding if you're feeling particularly bold! 

Adult Women's Lady Vampire Halloween Costume

If instead of vampires you want something more along the enigmatic vixen line, we have a couple of options for you there. 

These stunners are sure to turn heads while you're out trick-or-treating or on your way to a fancy dress party. They'll keep you nice and warm, too, because let's face it: end of October isn't exactly the most fun time to be running around in a skimpy little outfit. 

These hooded dresses are elegant and sexy, without giving too much away. 

Adult Women's Melisandre Costume Gothic Fancy Dress Adult Women's Red Gothic Queen Halloween Costume


Once you've got the perfect outfit sorted, it's time to think accessories. The folks over at Light in the Box have some nice affordable pieces to choose from; this one in particular stood out for us: 


Black Lace Choker from lightinthebox.com

 And last but not least, make-up! If you want something simple, just around the eyes, this tutorial is a good place to start, and works for men or women. Or, if you want to do a complete vampire make-over, this video takes you through it step by step: 



Going gothic is a perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild; create a backstory for your character—get into the spirit of things with the perfect outfit, accessories and make-up. You'll be ready for when you hear those seven little words we all long to hear: 

It was a dark and stormy night.... 





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