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Today I decided it would be a great day to freak myself out. I decided to write an article about how to look like Billy the Puppet from Saw. Let me state that I do not like this puppet, but they say the best way to get rid of a fear is to face it, right?

“Hello, I want to play a game.”

Billy the Puppet, from SAW, on a Tricycle

Source: Saw Wiki

Plot and Whatnot

Spoiler Warning!

Saw is an immensely popular horror franchise that started in 2004. To date there are a total of 8 films, including one in 3D. I have watched four out of the eight and I am slowly making my way through the rest. Granted I have to watch them with company and a drink in hand, but I’m getting through them!

The origins of Billy the puppet are sweet and innocent compared to Jigsaw’s a.k.a John Kramer’s use of him in the films. Billy was originally made for John’s son Gideon, however Gideon died before birth and John/Jigsaw uses the puppet to deliver messages to his victims either through voice recording, video or by the puppet actually appearing on screen, usually with his red tricycle.

The original innocence of the puppet and John’s sinister uses for it creates an ever more terrifying horror figure.

Sophisticated Scary

The costume is relatively simple to put together. The basics are a black suit/tuxedo, a long white sleeve shirt, a red bow tie and red Mary Janes. To add to the costume, white gloves and a red handkerchief in the breast pocket complete classy yet scary look. If you want to go even further with authenticity get to a children’s toy shop and buy a red tricycle, just like this guy did



But just be careful not to fall off it:

Finding these items are relatively simple, because they’re quite nondescript you could probably find them in your nearest charity shop or Primarni.

However, if you’re like me and favour internet shopping then Horror-Shop do the full costume inclusive of the mask, but I’d advise looking around online to find the cheapest complete look.

If you already have the black trousers, black jacket and white shirt and want to buy the rest of the items separately Amazon do the red bow tie, white gloves, and the red handkerchief. The red Mary Janes may be a task to find in a comfortable style for you within your chosen price range, so it may be easier to go for easy to wear normal shoes, dress shoes, or even red converses to give Billy that hipsteresque look. 

Makeup, Masks and Mischief

Let me start off by saying I have jumped far too many times whilst looking for decent makeup tutorial videos for the Billy look. For some reason every YouTuber I’ve looked at thinks it’s funny to put clips of the movie in randomly, or suddenly appear on the screen. It’s not funny and I jumped, a lot.

There’s a few ways you could do the makeup. There’s quite a flattering Billy look which just uses the basic SAW fancy dress makeup kit. 

Jigsaw by KikiMJ on Deviant Art

(Source: Kikimj)

 If you want to do the relatively simple look then Lady Death on YouTube has done a really good time lapsed video that’s in Spanish, however it does have the instruction in English. Be warned it also contains a clip or two of the movie featuring the lovely Billy.

To make the look more or less scary you can play around with the makeup and make the black around eyes smoother with a blending brush.

Or you could do a “let’s scare all my friends look”. EbruZa from YouTube has done a great video tutorial, and although it is in German and time lapsed it’s really easy to follow.

What’s awesome is she also shows how to create the 3D cheeks and defined chin with derma wax.

If you want to go a step further and get the eyes right you could order some creepy red Halloween contact lenses, though I would recommend buying these in person rather than online, just to be on the safe side.

This has to be my favourite make up tutorial, purely because of the humour and also I didn’t jump when watching it. It’s rather brilliant.

Of course, if you don’t want to mess about with makeup a mask and wig is a good way to look like your chosen creepy character. Amazon have a range of masks on offer and so do eBay, most of which have the wig attached to them if you don’t want to spend time spraying your hair black.

However my favourite mask on a budget (I say this after looking through far too many of them) is from Allfancydress. They also have a mask if you want to look like the puppet’s creator, John Kramer a.k.a. Jigsaw

To maximise your chances of scaring your intended victim, or victims, keep to dark rooms with shady lightening and invest in a voice recorder to play these on.


Billy by TheSEB93 on Deviant Art

(Source: Theseb93)

“Live or die, make your choice.”


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