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Where will you be when the Zombie apocalypse comes? And more importantly, what will you be wearing?


Keeping an eye on the news these days, it’s easy to see there are any number of apocalypses (apocalypsi?) that could potentially take us down: climate change, Brexit, some other geopolitical disaster caused by a couple of unspooled leaders of nuclear-armed countries (not naming any names).

Scary? Yes. But none of those things make for very good Halloween costume ideas, in our humble opinion. Who wants to dress as a melting polar ice cap or a mushroom cloud? Instead, why not consider joining an army of the brain-eating undead. We have a wide range of Adult Women’s Zombie fancy dress, but here’s our Top 5:


Number 5: Zombie School Girl


Oops! I did it again… I tore out your heart… And then ate your brain!  

Nothing more innocent than a schoolgirl uniform? Well this one is not. That. Innocent. The zombies got to her and now she’s committing much greater offenses than ditching homeroom and smoking in the girls’ room. Check out her yearbook page where she’s been voted Most Likely to Violently Murder You.

 Adult Women's Zombie School Girl Halloween Costume

Number 4: Zombie Nurse


Being a nurse is a stressful job. Dealing with sick patients, demanding doctors, working unsociable hours and being on your feet all day. Compared to all that, the life of zombie might sound like a welcome change. Now instead of dressing people’s wounds you’ll be the one causing them! And hospitals are a great place to find weak victims.

The nurse will see you now.

Adult Women's Zombie Nurse Halloween Costume

Number 3: Zombie Cheerleader


U. G. L. Y. You ain’t got no alibi… you UGLY. Yeah, yeah, you UGLY.

Truer words were never chanted by a cheerleading squad than when it comes to these decomposing (yet peppy!) zombies. A cheerleader’s job is to get the crowd on their feet and that should be no problem; the crowd will be wanting to run far far away! They say cheerleaders have no brains and that’s an unfair stereotype. But in this case it’s actually true. Because they’re zombies.

Adult Women's Zombie Cheerleader Halloween Costume

Number 2: Zombie Snow White


The original Snow White’s story was pretty sad. She’s lonely and has no friends, works as a maid and lives with her stepmother who hates her. Then she escapes to the forest only to become housekeeper to seven short men who won’t stop singing and dancing. So now, she’s out for her revenge. We’re guessing the wicked Queen will be first on her list of victims. 

If you happen to stumble upon this sleeping Snow White, our advice to you is to move along quickly. Do NOT try to revive her with love’s first kiss or any other means of resuscitation.

Adult Women's Zombie Snow White Halloween Costume

Number 1: Pregnant Zombie


And we’ve saved the best for last. It’s time we had a talk about the birds and the (zom)bees. You see, when a mommy zombie and a daddy zombie love each other very much….

This little bundle of joy just couldn’t wait until the due date so it did what any self-respecting zombie would do: ate its way out in time to get in on the Halloween trick-or-treating. Don’t be shy about asking for extra brains. You’re eating for two after all.

Adult Women's Pregnant Zombie Halloween Costume

Whichever Zombie you go for, don’t forget to complete the look with a bit of make-up. There are lots of tutorials online; here’s one of our faves.


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